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Bases, Groundworks, Electrics and Building Removals

  • Shed and Workshop Base Guides

  • All Sheds and Workshops require a strong, level and solid base. There are various base options available listed below, we have tried to suggest suitable options depending on your garden building type and ground conditions;

    • For relatively level ground: A raft base is the ideal solution for those on a budget - only available with Teleshed orders or DIY.
    • For Sloping ground: A raised heavy duty timber base would be the most cost effective (base dimenstions provided for DIY - Addison Ousebank do not offer this service).
    • Possibility of a building which may need moving in the future: An EcoGrid base would be the best solution - only suitable for smaller buildings up to 7ft x 7ft max - due to getting level correct (Available to purchase from Addison Ousebank for DIY)
    • For Long Term relatively flat solid ground: It is recommended to have concrete paving slabs bedded onto a sand and cement mix or concrete pour base.

    Things to think about when ordering your garden building. What type of base do I need for my garden building? Do I want heat, light and power in my building? Do I need any plumbing for water etc? What ventilation will I need?

  • Timber Bases for Sheds / Workshops

  • raft_base

    Timber Raft Base Guide;

    Timber bases laid onto level pad stones provide a stable base for your garden building. Pad stones are levelled and bedded onto a sand a cement mix. Only available with timber building Teleshed orders. All prices are shown on main price calculator for selected building sizes.

  • Timber Base Guide;

    Ideal for sloping and difficult ground conditions including old dormant tree stumps or other obsticles. This service is not available from Addison Ousebank but we can provide base dimensions for a local builder / carpenter or DIY.

  • NEW EcoGrid Base

  • Ecogrid base system ideal for any garden building helping preserve lower level timbers

    NEW EcoGrid Base

    New product ideal for most small garden buildings and greenhouse bases. Extremely strong and filled with pea shingle or decorative stone. Keeps all water away from building and stops any splash back to low levels (preventing premature decay to timber). This base system is ideal for the smaller building or used within any size greenhouse – ideal for greenhouse walkway paths etc.Ecogrid Logo

  • Concrete Bases

  • Concrete Paving Slab Base

    Ground is levelled and turf removed. Concrete paving slabs are laid onto a sand and cement mix to fit your building (depending on building size). Long lasting, ideal for relatively level and solid ground. Not suitable for concrete sheds and workshops - only concrete pour base is suitable for these buildings.

  • Solid Concrete Base

    Ideal for long lasting and heavy duty bases. Ideal for taking very heavy buildings such as concrete sectional sheds and workshops or very large log cabin buildings. Ideal for incorporating services and underground pipe-work. All concrete sectional sheds/workshops must have a concrete pour base to take the weight of the very heavy panels (90kg approx). Prices can be found on main garage centre website - selected areas only.

  • Groundworks, underground ducting and pipes

  • Groundworks and Plumbing

    If you require your building to have services such as plumbing and heating please let us know and we can provide a free quote for any services you may need. We can work out what type of base you would need to incorporate these services and work out connection routes to your existing drains and soakaways etc. (Local area only - 30 mile radius of Bedford).

  • Existing Building Removal

  • Existing Building Removal

    As part of our service we can price to remove (local area only - 15 Mile radius of Bedford) most existing garden sheds, summerhouses, greenhouses or garages. To give a guide of the removal costs - find a similar building and size on the pricing calculator the cost normally works out around 15% of the new similar building cost. If you have a log cabin or large building (we can quote this for you) please feel free to email any photographs you may have to speed up our quotation process. Our supplier Telesheds also provide this service too - all prices will be shown on the Teleshed product calculator.

  • Heat, Light and Power

  • Electrics

    If you want to use your garden building all year around you will need to consider heat, light and power. This can be done after your building has been installed. All electrics can be run 'surface' or if you want the electrics recessed into the wall cavity (not log cabins) this has to be considered at the point of order or before installation. Please let us know what options you are thinking of before you place your building order.

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